A bibtex management system in bash (on github)

The Name

Given that the scripts are in bash and they manage bibtex files, I decided to call the repository bishtexa because its pronounciation resembles the word bistecca (steak) in Italian.


To create the most lightweight method to manage the bibliography for latex files. Without leaving the terminal.


All methods to manage the papers do too much. They:

This is in contrast with the UNIX principle. I tried to fix that.


I assume you have a consistent method to mangage the digital papers. For example by using last_name_leading_author_date.pdf method, as in nakamoto08.pdf. For this reason you only need an easy method to build your bibliography.bib file and an easy method to retreive the citation-keyword when you are writing the paper. Occasionally you can forget how you saved your paper, for this reason a third script is provided.

There are three files:


Vim integration

I don’t think there’s a need for a vim plugin in this case, a simple one liner in the config file would do. I use

nnoremap <leader>m :!tmux split-pane -h ''<CR><CR>

(extract_from_biblio must be in your PATH). It copies to clipboard the citation so that you can simply paste it in you file. I use tmux, but you can use this one liner for a normal terminal (e.g. urxvt):

nnoremap <leader>m :!urxvt -x ''<CR><CR>