Fadi Barbàra's Brand

Freefolio et al.

I edited the freefolio script and having added a configuration file and a script to install it, I had to create a repository (link github ). The change was necessary to easily add multiple accounts: different strategies require different accounts and a tracking system of your finances cannot complicate this process. For any problem, feel free to open a Github Issue and I will respond.

In other news, I am in the process of moving my server from vultr to my own server, specifically a Raspberry Pi4. The goal is to own all my data. When I'll have my server, I'll open some services. the bad news is that I will deal with dynamic DNSes: in the next few days, if you can't see my site, please send me an email.

Finally, I added links to the Github repositories and my YouTube channel on the home page. The youtube channel has been little used so far, maybe in the future I will add more videos.