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In the process of having everything easily done via the keyboard using only free software, I needed a password manager. Enterpass. Pass has been my software of choice.

ZX2C4’s project is easy and very functional. You easily install it with your package manager, e.g.

# apt-get install pass

and you are good to go. If you have to migrate, you can easily usepass-import. The github page easily guide you through the process. I migrated from Lastpass and it was very easy thanks to good documentation of the project.


pass generates a different gpg encrypted file for each site/password in the form

login: your-user-login
url: the-site-url

so you need to generate a key with gpg:

gpg --quick-gen-key <name>

wherenameis your name of choice that you will need for the pass initialization. This will create the private and public keys.

After that, you can initialize the password manager:

pass init <name>

wherenameis the same name you used in thegpgcommand. After that you can import your passwords usingpass importas before.

To keep everything in sync and backupped, you can use agitrepository and thepass git <params>commands inpass. The Pass site, shows also a lot of compatible clients and extensions (pass-import is one of those extensions) which can help you use`pass=’ passwords in other softwares on other devices.

I personally wrote a script to use easilypassinteractively based ondmenu. I post the script here (remember to change your user if you use this script):

#! /bin/bash

site=$(find $HOME/.password-store | dmenu | sed s,\.gpg$,,| sed s,\/home\/<user>\/\.password-store\/,,)

pass show "$site"|head -n2|tail -n1|sed s/login\:\ //|xclip -selection clipboard

zenity --info --text "USERNAME copied to clipboard. Press any key to continue..." 

pass show -c "$site"
zenity --info --text "PASSWORD copied to clipboard. Press any key to continue..."